Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Writings on mothering wanted

WANTED: Your Stories (& Check out this MUST SEE film!)

MOTHER: THE JOB is launching a national multi-media exhibit in San Francisco this fall. The exhibit is another step in raising individual, societal and political consciousness of the need to value the work of mothers - all mothers - by implementing policies that help today's families live more balanced lives in the work place and in the home.

Your words will live in the "Hidden in Plain Sight" section of the exhibit - an entire floating wall covered with writings by mothers. The writings, placed side-by-side will create a faux mural at first glance, reminding us that the work of mothers is indeed "hidden in plain sight."

The stories will be reprinted from your original works sharing experiences of:
A) Sacrifices incumbent upon women during the child rearing years. This might include anything from career pursuits, to respect, to simply enjoying an hour alone.
B) The unique journey of child bearing and child rearing
C) Being the primary caregiver of a child in the absence of the birth mother.

All writings welcome - if you are a primary caregiver of a child, you are a mother!

It's fabulous! Don't miss it. View it now. To learn more about the entire exhibit log on to

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