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Mary Engelbreit and Teacher Created Resources

This is a list of all the free printables I've posted to this blog.  The names below are the names of the documents organized by subject.  The links will take you to the original blog post.  If you pass these on (non-commercial only please), please link to the original blog post and give this blog credit.  Happy printing!

Art & Architecture:
Pantheon Out of Unit Blocks
Parthenon Out of Unit Blocks

Etiquettes pour une Carte du Monde
Paris Metro
Vie de Mer

Geography & History:
Flag Shapes
Flag Patterns
3-part Montessori Cards for the Nobel Peace Prize Winners 1901-1907
3 part Montessori Cards for the Nobel Peace Prize Winners 1908-1917
Pretend Passport Stamps for Asia 
Pretend Passport Stamps for Australia/Oceania 
Titanic for Preschoolers
Titanic at Night

Language arts:
Journey to the Center of the Earth Vocabulary Sheets
Rosie's Walk Craft

Australian Money

3-part Cards for Tropical Edibles 
Gulf Coast Marine Life Activity
On our Night Hike

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