Sunday, August 24, 2008

Solar Ovens

I bought my husband a solar oven for Father's Day. I know it's a bit of stretch since I do all the cooking. I'm not ranting about that since I'm a better cook and a picky eater. He can & does cooks sometimes but it was an interesting thing to experiment with and Father's Day was a convenient excuse.

I bought it from the Solar Oven Society. They're a great organization in the Twin Cities and their oven received the best ratings in Cook's Illustrated last year. They sold out this spring so we've only had it about two weeks. We're really enjoying it. Living in Florida's summer heat it's great to not have to turn on the oven or stove in the afternoon. It really does make a difference in the ambient temperature in the house. I'm still learning how to use it. It requires a lot less water than conventional cooking so I'm learning how to adjust recipes appropriately.

So far everything we've made has tasted great. I'm not expecting anything dramatic on the electricity bill but I'm really satisfied that I'm doing something proactive. I'm also really looking forward to teaching older toad to cook with it. It's wonderful to think about teaching him a skill that doesn't require electricity as well avoiding the safety issues of the oven.
The ovens are not cheap but I feel well worth the investment. Think about my product plug and consider unplugging something.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Motherhood Reconsidered

I had a conversation with a friend about the challenges of motherhood and the culturally unacknowledged conflicts a lot of us have when the very next day there was a piece in the Utne Reader on the same topic (149 Sept. Oct. 2008 Bundle of Trouble by Robin W. Simon). They don't put the piece on their website but it is available for purchase throught the original journal Contexts (The Joys of Parenthood, Reconsidered by Robin W. Simon). I would try your local library for either journal.

The article discusses issues such as studies that show parents of grown children have no greater well being than adults who never had children. So why did I have the munchkin?


Well Fay rained out our August session on Consumption so we'll just pick it up in September.

The Story of Stuff was our media highlight. If you'd like to watch it in advance you can go here.

My reading list on the issue:

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