Monday, September 3, 2012

Previously Unknown Volcano Erupts in Florida

First recorded eruption of Mt. Florida

Really!  Since we have no elevation here, this was the highest thing on the beach.

We're moving into volcano week so obviously we built the model explosion.

I used the recipe from Currclick's, Volcanoes:  Science Activities which fortuitously was a freebie several weeks ago.  I think the recipe was very safety conscious as I upped everything to accommodate the larger volume of this vessel and it made for a pretty inactive volcano.  I had brought 3 sets of materials so each kid could get one try and we went through them all just for this one.  I don't think our version endangered any tourists so find a better recipe and do try this at home.

We used (successful in the end recipe):

4 c. water
a couple squirts of dish soap
6 TBL baking soda dissolved in the water
food coloring (I was low on red but they didn't seem to notice the strong yellow lava)
6 oz. distilled vinegar

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