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Nobel Peace Prize Winners 1901-1907 - 3 part Montessori Cards

 World Peace Day was celebrated yesterday, Sept. 21st

The day is "devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples."  Here is the link to the official UN page.  Here is the link to the UN's peace curriculum through their Cyber School Bus.

The reminder about the day and getting the Montessori cards below reminded me of the day I spent at the Caen Memorial Museum when I was in France.  It was an amazing place and the Gallery of Nobel Peace Prize winners exposed me to people I never learned about in history like the people who founded The Hague.

I've been having trouble deciding how to start world history with the Toads.  Yes, much of human life has been brutal and short but it seems like many history books tell history as a succession of battles for political control illustrated with men using historically accurate weaponry.  Accurate yes, appropriate for 6 year olds, not as much.  So I'm trying A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich.  It's barely illustrated and I intend it as a read aloud right now.  I like his writing style, it covers more than just western Europe, and it includes more than battle descriptions.

So, with all this inspiration and swirling thoughts, I made up a set of 3-part Montessori cards for the Nobel Peace Prize winners from 1901-1907, since they were not available anywhere I could find.  The arbitrary years are based on number of pages.  I included where the winners were from to complement our geography work and why they won the prize or a brief quote from the recipient.  They could easily be turned into a book or printed double sided as folio cards if that suits your needs better.
Nobel Peace Prize Winners 1901-1907

I was inspired by this project so I will continue to work up through the years and hopefully complete a full complement of cards for all the winners.  The website for the Nobel Prize has extensive info about all the prize and winners.

In celebration of World Peace Day, Montessori Helper is having a dime sale on their Nobel Peace Prize Winners 2000-2010 3-part cards.  Here is the direct link.  *If you purchase the cards through the link I will get a teeny commission that will get put towards other Montessori cards.

We donated this book to our local public library for older Toad's birthday this year.  It has dynamic illustrations and is good biography for young kids.

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