Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's Do Modern Art Summary

This is a summary of posts from my Modern Art class at the local homeschool coop this fall.  The links are to each individual post.

Our reading list is here.

Primary color paintings inspired by Piet Mondrian are here.

Circle paintings inspired by Wassily Kandinsky are here.

Geometric drawings inspired by Sonia Delaunay are here.

I did not post about the project we did inspired by MC Escher.  I don't think the projects turned out that well, and the kids didn't have fun with it.  Since I didn't consider it a success, I didn't share it.

Construction paper collages inspired by Henri Matisse are here.

Jungle paintings inspired by Henri Rousseau are here.

Pipe cleaner sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder are here.


Leaf rubbing watercolors inspired by Andrew Goldsworthy are here.

Monoprints inspired by Margaret Preston are here.

Wood sculptures inspired by Louise Nevelson are here.

Watercolor self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo are here

  Pastel group mural project inspired by Diego Rivera is here.


Ashley said...

Great ideas! Pinning for my girls!

Carrie said...

What wonderful ideas!! I would love to see what you did with Escher. We always did some tessellations when I taught geometry. I actually have a foam set of a puzzle of sorts to recreate one of his masterpieces and we used some computer programs as well. Plus of course doing it by hand. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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