Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rainbows in our Windows

I was on Pinterest getting lost in all the cool stuff and found these two posts about rainbows from the dilly-dali art blog.  This one is Rainbows Two Ways and this one is the directions for how to make the gelatin.

I will add our observations to her directions.  It's a little stinky when wet so run the fan.  Don't let the gelatin go up the edges of the paper plate because when dry, your sheets won't be completely flat and they won't stick to the contact paper well.  It looks much more likes stained glass if you let the food coloring mix a bit rather than 100%.  Finally, add some sharpie designs for an abstract look.

These pictures are our creations based on Aleacia's directions.


Aleacia said...

Your collage turned out lovely! I really like the idea of not completely stirring the color in and also drawing on top with Sharpies
PS, I agree that the gelatin stinks a bit, I was thinking of trying a vegan gelatin next time to see if that helps with the smell.

Thanks for sharing your post with me!
~Aleacia @ Dilly-Dali Art

toady mama said...

Vegan gelatin is a good idea. I'll have to pick some up. The little one enjoyed the project but was turned off by the smell. Thanks for checking it out and sharing your ideas in the first place.

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