Saturday, July 28, 2012

Train Lap Book

This train lapbook is one of the first lapbooks I made for older toad.

Younger toad sees his brother reading a lot and sits down to 'read' a book also.  Since he doesn't know his letters yet he's got a ways to go but since it's such an interest of his I've been putting a little more effort in to helping him with that.  Since our train unit was such a mutually popular one I recently redid a train lapbook with just the alphabet for younger toad.  What follows are directions for what I did, younger toad's first then older.

I did a post about our version of lapbooks here for anyone who's never made one.

This train alphabet is from the Amtrak Kids Depot.  It's a fun site they put together with some neat downloads and games the toads enjoyed.  This is the direct link to the Railphabet.  I cut the squares out and glued them to flaps.  Under the Amtrak flaps are stickers with the letter in uppercase and lowercase.  I would have liked all one color for uppercase but I used what we had around.

He talks about the train thing on the picture and we go over the letters.  Of course having his own is part of the appeal.

Older toad's had more activities to go with it.  Over several days we labeled part of a steam locomotive.

The image for this came from Wikipedia here.  The corresponding parts from Wikipedia is here.  I copied the components into a word document and edited for length and clarity

Since older toad was working on his letters, he wrote on the outside and the Amtrak images went on the inside.

Lastly, we used citrus (grapefruit, oranges and limes) and metallic paint as stamps for train wheels.  Older toad's had several cars, but here's the engine.

Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo!

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Jessica @ Play Trains! said...

Very cool ideas here. I especially like the train pictures with the parts son would really love that.

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