Friday, August 17, 2012


If you're going to be an international traveler, you're going to need a passport.  We "leave" on Monday for our international year and neither of the boys have passports so I made some up for our trips.

I bought blank ones from Rainbow Resources for under a dollar so that was worth the time to not assemble it.

Satori Smiles blog has this post on how they made their passports.  They used a PDF that was a Five in a Row PDF.  I used their photo page, added the specific info, printed it on full sheet printer labels, cut it out and stuck it in.

I scanned the first and last page spreads of my current passport, printed those out and put them in theirs too.

For the interior, I printed out small labels that said 'Visas' and put them at the top of every interior page.  My first passport had that with the arrival and departure section but I left that out for this.

So now for every country we visit they can get a passport stamp.  The above mentioned PDF has some blank ones you can use.  Also, Oriental Trading Company had some nice looking passport stickers as well as passport kits but I didn't need that many.

I was planning on using the blank labels again and printing them out.  Flickr has a whole section started by someone associated with Lonely Planet of passport stamps organized by country. The diversity of stamps is I think part of the fun.   I can use those and change the dates.  I bought a cheap office date stamp or I can do it on the computer.

So now we just have to pack our luggage...

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toady mama said...

Also try the gallery of passport stamps by country on Wikipedia.

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