Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pantheon Out of Unit Blocks

This is a companion project to building the Parthenon out of unit blocks which I did a post about here.

Today's building, the Pantheon, uses some of the same architectural features as the Parthenon, such as columns, but the dome is it's main feature.  A dome is hard to get out of blocks so this was the best approximation I could come up with.

You will need the following blocks:
(8) large round arches
(4) large quarter arches
(11) double unit rectangles
(6) medium round columns
(1) roof joist

The book below, Block Building for Children, is a great book for exploring architecture with blocks for kids.  It does not have patterns for specific buildings but rather, building types.  It has a Gothic cathedral, not Chartres specifically, for example.

If you're considering buying blocks, they're expensive but a great resource.  They are used virtually every day at our house.  I bought some of ours from Barclay Blocks.  The quality was very good.  On their website here, they have photos of projects and here, they have drawings of famous buildings to inspire you.   Happy building!

 Here are the plans for the Pantheon.

Pantheon Directions

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AIMA said...

Cool! I need to get some good blocks for our house.

toady mama said...

They're a great resource. Just so expensive :(

Phyllis said...

Wonderful directions. Now, if only I had those blocks!

toady mama said...

You could always try clay or cardboard too!

Amy said...

I really love this! Great way to bring learning to life! Thanks for sharing this last week at Trivium Tuesdays!

toady mama said...

Thanks for hosting Amy!

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