Monday, October 8, 2012

So Much to be Thankful For

I've been following Susan's blog, Learning All the Time, for only about a month now. I found it on my web crawls, and she puts lots of great info out for the world as a labor of love, since her site is ad free. 

Favorite Resource This Week

She does a weekly gratitude post. I've enjoyed reading them more than I thought I would. I don't blog to talk about my life as much as share about all the fun projects we do. So I didn't see the appeal in a weekly post that was about someone's life. I was clearly missing the point, as reading them weekly allows me to focus on what's been going good in our life by using another's life as a mirror. It's about the good, not the specific.  So here's my version of good I'm spreading for the week.

I have a lot to be grateful for:

 ...for such a big yard in the middle of the city! 

We planted 5 more fruit trees this weekend. My husband was concerned about where I wanted to plant them. He thought it'd cut down on the sports field area of our yard. In the end we just laughed about the comment, as we both agreed we grew up playing sports in areas smaller than our current driveway so it's not really going to cramp their style.

...for birthday parties!

We had a birthday party this weekend for one of older Toad's friends.  We've known this group of families and their boys (and the lone sweet little girl who puts up with all her older brothers' friends) for years.  It's great to still be able to get together and marvel at how far they've all come.

 ...that my husband loves to spend time with his boys! 
They're all out fishing today since he has the day off. I have a friend who's husband is serving in the military overseas currently and she's struggling with her teenage son and really wishing he had a dad around this week to set him straight.  I lost my dad as a teenager so no matter what the future holds the Toads will always have these times.

...for great food!

We've started to harvest our home grown sweet potatoes.  I did a post here about how we did it.  They're super sweet and I think I'm going to turn these couple into sweet potato pie. 

...for music! 

Go to the Playing for Change website and sing along.

I hope your week has been equally good! 

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Lisa said...

Homegrown fruits and veggies are the best! We did a garden of our own for the first time this year, and really enjoyed all the fresh stuff!

What fruit trees do you have?

Birthday parties and space to play and time with dad--such great things to be thankful for. I'm so glad you found us and linked up this week!

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