Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Too bad Oscar didn't have room for sweet potatoes

This is our first year growing sweet potatoes.  Every year we expand the garden a little bit.  This summer season we put a cover crop (Red Cowpeas) on the area we've been using, and started a new patch.  Summer gardening is a challenge in Florida so we've got watermelon, okra and sweet potatoes.  I chose the Beauregard variety because it matures in only 90 days and it's one of the varieties recommended by the FL extension service.  Bugs are our biggest gardening problem so hopefully we'll have better luck with a shorter season variety.  Here's the traditional planting of sweet potatoes under the okra.

I've heard a lot about how easy it is to grow potatoes in a garbage can and my neighbor was throwing out a couple of old ones so we thought we'd give it a try.  You can Google the subject or here's a link for directions.

Our can with two slips.  These had been growing just in a regular pot for the last several weeks so that's why they look so big.

I'll repost at the end of the season hopefully reporting mounds of potatoes.

Update 6/19/12- I added a couple of inches of grass clippings to the can.
Update 7/1/12 - I added an inch of compost to the can.

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