Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gulf Coast Marine Life Activity

When we did our unit on submersibles and submarines, I made up this workbook for a field trip to the Florida Aquarium.

The premise is you're Jacques Cousteau and you're surveying Gulf coast marine life by zone.   I've embedded the intro and name cards into this post.  The activity involved matching the names of the marine life to the images and arrange them in the correct biome.  I got the images from a variety of sources.  Google what you need for this or take this idea and adapt it to your local aquarium.  You will need plastic business card sleeves and jump rings to make a booklet like I did or you could always just pair them up as a matching game after your visit.

If you're not planning a visit to our local aquarium you could still use it after watching a nature show about the Gulf Coast or Jacques Cousteau. 

You can find a good visual explanation of marine biomes here if you need it.

A second element of the project included learning the French names for basic marine life.  That is in a separate post which you can read here.

Fl Aquarium Sub Projet Intro Name Cards

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