Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Classes for Homeschoolers

This is the third and final installment on my series on ways to save money in the homeschooling process.  The first, general post is here, the second post of free media sources is here.

It's actually harder to find free content for younger kids.  Some universities are moving towards offering free courses for no credit which is great but not everyone is ready for that.

Multiple Subject Areas
Currclick - They usually have a selection of free courses every term such as chess or book club
CyberLearning - A project of the National Education Foundation.  
I mentioned Open Culture in my free media list.  Their list of 500 free college courses is here.
Check with your state also.  We have the Florida Virtual School which is free to FL residents.
Free World U - I've used their flashcards before.

Math and Sciences
IXL Math - This is a paid service if you want the full suite of features.  They do allow you to do up to 20 math problems per day for free and you could work through the whole year that way if you wanted.
Khan Academy - Offers learning opportunities in math and finance mainly (they are branching out into humanities more).
NASA digital learning environment - NASA has so many amazing resources.

Finally, don't forget your local public library.  They are a great resource and probably have some of the Great Courses in their collection which are normally quite expensive.

I would love to expand this list focusing on the elementary level.  If you have any resources please leave them in the comments section and I can update the post for everyone.

Happy learning!

Update Oct. 2012
Check out these too:
Academic Earth 
Education Portal

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