Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Art Cart into Science Cart

This little cart used to be our art cart. I did a post here about where all the art supplies went.  I worked some magic on it and now it's our science cart.

I really like that it consolidates all our strewn out science equipment. The microscopes have not been getting enough use and I'm hoping having them more in view will inspire us.  I inherited the dissection scope and the compound scope has gotten more use up to now, but we have plans.  It's a bit of a work in progress and as our year in science progresses I'm sure we'll do some rearranging.

Organizing everything also helped us spot some shortfalls. We added a compass, a flexible measuring tape, a set of dual metric and imperial measuring cups, a bug box, and a bug field guide. We got the bug field guide from the Xerces Society.  They have some good fact sheets on their website about bees if anyone's working on a project on that.

Our favorites from the resources basket:

The boys love the guides that fold since they're light and they can carry them in their backpacks.

If you've got a favorite science tool that you use all the time and it looks like we're missing it, please add it to the comments box since I'm looking for suggestions.


RachelT said...

Your science cart is a really neat idea! I hope it works well for you. Just stopping by from the Hop!

toady mama said...

Thanks Rachel.

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