Sunday, August 19, 2012

Luggage for International Travel

In addition to passports you of course need luggage for your travels. We made our passports, here's the link for that how to.  Now that the luggage is done they went inside.

Come Monday morning, Toad's luggage will get filled with fun stuff for his travels.  This is how we made the luggage to take with him.

I started with an ordinary shoe box.  My husband has enormous feet and coincidentally needed tennis shoes so I saved the box and reinforced the seams with duct tape.

Then the whole thing got painted brown.  It took several coats.  After that dried, Toad painted the corners with metallic brass paint to look like metal corners.

We went to the thrift store to pick up two belts.  He really liked the metal tips and of course they didn't have two in the same color but he could thankfully care less.  I poked two holes in the belts and several holes through the cardboard so that he could sew the belts to the box.  Now he can pick the box up by the belt and they don't slip off and it's easier to fasten them too.

Lastly, we put on the luggage labels.  The labels really made the project.  Without them it was just a cardboard box painted several strange shades of brown.  If you don't want to buy labels you could make your own.  This was one of the Dover books that had 53 labels in the book, we used 52.  Putting them on was fun too because older toad was great about sharing with his brother and talking about the places on the stickers was a great intro to more geography.

He's excited to see what's going to go in his box...


creativejewishmom/sara said...

Looks amazing, and so much fun! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

toady mama said...

Thanks for organizing!

Kelli said...

OH what a great post! I found you on the hip homeschool moms weekly linkup and would LOVE it if you could share your post on Homeschooling on the Cheap!


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