Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Top 10 Totally Arbitrary Marriage Strategies

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary and I'm very happy to say I love my husband and think he's a great guy.
My husband and I have been involved for 13 years, which isn't breaking any records, but sadly many marriages can't even make it that many months.  I've read many blog entries from a Christian perspective about keeping your marriage strong.  Not to take anything away from those, but as a confirmed agnostic, it's not my style.  Below are my top ten tips, not in any particular order.  If they bring you happiness in your relationship, pass them on to so someone else who could use them.

Ten Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Strong

1. Be a Team Player - Yes, that means sometimes you will take one for the team and say absolutely nothing about it.

2. Fight Fair - You work hard as parents to teach your kids to manage their emotions effectively.  Don't be an adult who throws tantrums.

3. Flirt - I mean with your spouse - because it's fun, and once a long time ago you thought it was really fun, so remember it still is.

4. Exercise - It doesn't have to be together, but keep yourselves healthy.  If you want to be together a long time you'd rather walk hand in hand along the sand rather than  navigating walkers.

5. Get over it quickly - Drama is for the theater.

6.  Laugh - At yourself, at each other.  Life's a journey, not a destination - so enjoy it.

7.  Support each other - We all take risks and sometimes make bad choices.  Be there for your partner in their life. 

8.  It's all about timing -  It's easier to recognize your timing was bad after a simple request turns into an argument. Try to think ahead a bit.

9. Make Whoopie  -  If he was once so ambitious he even sewed, he probably still wants some.

10.  Be THANKFUL - of each other and your hopefully wonderful marriage!

Now if I could just practice my own advice and follow these 10 tips regularly, I just might be able to stay married another 7 years!

We're off to see The Hobbit and get sushi so it's gonna be great day.


martianne said...

Indeed, I could follow a few of these tips. Thank you.

Jessica said...

It's never occurred to me that I would want to not be in a walker to hold the love of my life's hand. I'm going to get started on this list... some things I do already though.

Heather said...

Love seeing tips from a non-christian perspective

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