Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Visual Literacy and Design in Food Marketing

I'm gearing up for a week of teaching art summer camp and one of our projects is to design fruit and vegetable crate packaging.  Florida is a big agricultural state and the museum I'm teaching at highlights that in their collection.  The project has a lot of opportunities to build visual literacy and conscious consuming in the kids as well as general design skills of course.

Here are links to two websites I've used in the past and like for teaching kids these skills:
Artful Truth is a non-smoking curriculum designed by the Wolfsonian in Miami.  The Wolfsonian is a design museum so the curriculum emphasizes the art aspects of advertising.

Commercial Free Childhood  is an organization with lots of resources.

I'm also reading Banana this week because I'm of course going to show the old Chiquita banana commercial from youtube.

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