Friday, June 29, 2012

Vegan with a Vengeance

I just had to do a post about how cool Isa  Moskowitz's cookbooks are.

My husband has a love/hate relationship with tempeh.  There's several things I've made with tempeh that he'll say are the best thing ever and yet if you were to ask him about tempeh he'd say he hates it.

Tonight, he made by special request for me Isa''s Tempeh Mango Sammiches for the first time.  Even though I've had her Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook for years, I have yet to make everything in it.  I don't think I've owned a cookbook yet that I've done everything but it's great when you own one that keeps you lovin' it.  I also own Veganomicon which is good and she has several others out that I don't own.  You can visit her website here to find out more about her and her cookbooks.

Even if you're only veg curious her cookbooks are a great place to start.  Many things I've made from her recipes that I've taken out and about have gotten rave reviews from proud meat eaters.  For the record, we're not a vegan family.  I think my kids would have died long ago without meat and cheese but if I didn't have them I'd probably be vegan.  I'm sure before they die they will try a bean of some kind and before that happens I'll smile on the nights I get to cycle in recipes from some great vegan cookbooks.

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