Monday, June 11, 2012

Paris faites de papier

Older toad studied French this year for a foreign language.  I studied French in school, have been to France and we have wonderful French neighbors who agreed to help a little bit so it was a natural fit.  However it's hard to find fun, non drill based foreign language activities for early learners.  Ideally something younger toad can do a little bit, I can supervise with my very rusty skills and and older toad does learn a little from.

I ran across Joel Henriques website somehow surfing the web.  His Paris paper toy is really creative and was a big hit.  We did some family coloring time and older toad took it over to the neighbors to play with the frogs.

I checked out his book and the mini animals were my favorite.  I've added a wood burning tool to my acquisition list so we can do some.  Bon Voyage!

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