Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Women Still Can't Have it All

This month's issue of The Atlantic has a good article by Anne-Marie Slaughter.  You can read it here.

Fresh Air interviewed the author and it's being aired 6/21/12.  You can listen to the audio on the NPR website here.

She brings up a lot of interesting points.  My husband (a government professional who travels regularly) and I have many conversations along these lines that I'm sure other homeschooling families have had as well.

She doesn't address the nuts and bolts economic issues that most women face.  That's both the essay's strength and weakness.  She doesn't get bogged down in specifics but also doesn't acknowledge that it's not possible for most women to get the level of assistance that she has bought for her family.  It's not a guide to personal choice as much as an invitation to have some broader conversations.

Not only can women not have it all, we have to make hard choices...

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